Sewer Drainage OFWAT Licences and Licensees

Licences and licensees

Our register holds (in paper form) copies of:

the original Instruments of Appointment of water undertakers and sewerage undertakers, including full scale maps of the areas of appointment, and any amendments made to them

the original Infrastructure Provider Project Licence(s) and any amendments

the original Water Supply and/or Sewerage Licences and any amendments made to them

They may be inspected at:

7 Hill Street,
B5 4UA

The register is available for inspection Monday to Friday between the hours of:

9.30am and 1pm

2pm and 4.30pm

It is not available to view when the office is closed on public or other holidays or by reason of an emergency or industrial action.

The fees payable for an inspection are:

where an appointment has been arranged at least 24 hours in advance: £0

in all other cases: £20

To arrange an advance appointment to view the register please call 0121 644 7600.

Each company has also received a copy of its own appointment or licence and the amendments made to it.

Where there have been amendments, the documents listed below are copies of our internal working documents based on the original appointments or licences and the amendments made to them. They are not intended to be a substitute for the information held on our Register. Every reasonable effort is made to make these versions accurate and up to date, but no responsibility for their accuracy and correctness, or for any consequences of relying on them, is accepted by Ofwat.

Please also check the list of licence amendments

Licences and licensees

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