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Sewer Requisition: It is the duty (under Section 98 of the Water Industry Act 1991) of a sewerage undertaker, to provide a public sewer to be used for the drainage for domestic purposes or premises in a particular locality in its area subject to certain conditions:

A public sewer may only be requisitioned for domestic purposes i.e. the removal of flows from the contents of lavatories, water used for cooking and washing and for the removal of surface water from those premises. Domestic purposes does not include the removal of water used for business purposes. Lateral drains as well as public sewers can be requisitioned under the provisions of the Water Act 2003 and the latest OFWAT guidelines.

A public sewer may only be requisitioned if it serves 2 or more properties, on which there are or will be buildings. Where the requistioner is applying for a lateral drain then a single premise may be served and the drain must terminate at the boundary of that premise.

Public sewers and lateral drains may only be requisitioned by the owner or occupier of premises in the area. A local authority within whose area the whole or part of the requisition is situated may also apply.

The person or body requisitioning a public sewer must serve notice on Water Authority to commence the requisition process. This initial notice should be in the form of a written application. A location plan and a site layout plan showing the developers proposals should be included with the application.

In order for a request to be considered valid, the sewer must serve more than one property (except for a lateral drain), the area must not already be sewered, the land must be development land and the requisitioner must be entitled to requisition under the Act.

On receipt of a valid application Water Authority will request an advance payment in order to undertake a feasibility study and prepare robust estimates. If the estimates are acceptable, a formal agreement supported by either a cash bond or surety will be put in place after which the sewers can be laid. On completion of the works and when the final costs are known, Water Authority will estimate the level of future income in accordance with OFWAT guidelines and determine the amount of the payment due.

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Sewer Requisition  Call 0207 536 2778

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