Sewer Adoption

Sewer Adoption A S104 (Section 104 of the Water Industry Act (1991) 

Section 102 of the Water Industry Act (1991)

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Sewer Adoption involves the transfer of responsibility to a Water Authority undertaker of a developer constructed sewer.

A S104 (Section 104 of the Water Industry Act (1991)) agreement is a legal agreement between a developer and a water company, where the developer agrees to build sewers to an agreed standard, which the water company will then adopt. The agreement is usually signed at the early stages of the development and lasts for several years, until the water company is satisfied the network has been completed to their satisfaction.

Section 102 of the Water Industry Act (1991) allows a developer or an individual to submit an application to a water company asking them to adopt a private operational sewer which is already installed. On a new development, the S102 process is usually followed if the new sewers are installed and become operational before the S104 agreement is signed and the S104 process is no longer applicable.

The WRc Plc publication Sewers for Adoption 6th edition sets out the procedure, design criteria, standard details and the specification that the works must be built to. It is normal policy that the provisions of Sewers for Adoption 6th Edition (SfA) should be applied uniformly throughout UK.

On new developments, any prospectively adoptable sewers should be put forward to us for inclusion in a Water Industry Act 1991, section 104 agreements. Our submissions ensure that the prospective public sewers are designed and constructed to acceptable standards.

The Section 104 sewer adoption process is as follows:

We submit to Water Authority the drawings to SFA6, before work begins on site.

Water Authority give technical approval to acceptable prospectively adoptable sewers.

We oversee a formal agreement with Water Authority and then begin building the sewer(s).

Having a section 104 agreement with Water Authority assist developers with marketing the properties.

We ensure that an agreement is in place within 13-15 Weeks of the first submission of drawings.

Arrange all standard fees as set out in SFA6 and a discuss the bond, usually 10%, that may be required.

Our Team monitor the works on site and signs off air testing, etc.

We supply drawings showing the sewers as-built.

When the sewers are built and a majority of premises are occupied, we will request a joint inspection.

If the sewers are found to be satisfactory, then the maintenance period- usually 3 to 12 months- begins.

A joint final inspection is arranged just before the end of the maintenance period.

After any remedial works are completed, Water Authority will arrange vesting (adoption) of the sewers.

Once vested, the sewers are public sewers and the Water Authority are responsible for their maintenance and repair.

Sewer Adoption

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