Our Environmental Commitment


Our environmental commitment was originally to ensure that we:

Become legislatively compliant

Reduce operating costs

Enhance our reputation.

Since then we have implemented a waste and recycling policy and instigated an energy saving initiative. As a small business we are aware that our activities can cause harm to the environment and we are taking steps to minimize this effect, including investigating ways of achieving a “Carbon Neutral” status.

Action is currently being taking in the following areas:


Glass, paper, tins and plastic are recycled. Email and telephone is used, where appropriate, rather than paper-based communication. Used printer cartridges are sent for recycling. Refills and bulk buying are undertaken where possible to reduce packaging waste. Where possible we purchase recycled products.


Active water monitoring program in place to identify leaks and help benchmark usage.Showers are available as a water saving option to a bath. High grade office machinery and plant and other equipment have been fitted throughout. Purchasing Wherever possible we use local suppliers and seek to use goods and services which do not have a negative impact.


Active energy monitoring program in place to benchmark usage and help identify potential savings. Where appropriate energy efficient bulbs replace traditional bulbs when the existing bulb fails. Windows are double glazed and draft free.

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