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Gas Connections and Metering

How do I obtain a gas connection or metering?

There are three ways in which to obtaining gas connections

1. Using a Gas Transporter (GT)

2.Using a Licensed Gas Supplier

3. Using a Utility Infrastructure Provider (UIP)

You can employ a Utility Infrastructure Provider that is competent to carry out gas connection and metering work. Although some UIPs may carry out gas connections, they tend to specialise in the construction of new housing estate networks and larger non-domestic one-off connections.

The work undertaken by a UIP must be carried out in accordance with the standards and procedures laid down by the GT that will ultimately adopt and maintain the connection. It is not permitted for non-licensed persons to operate their own networks. Some UIPs may also procure a connection from a GT on your behalf as your agent. There is an independent registration scheme, operated by Lloyds Register, for companies engaged in independent connections work. Registered companies have demonstrated competence in particular areas of connection work and are subject to ongoing audit and inspection by Lloyds Register and all GTs recognise the scheme as appropriate for assessing competence.

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