Building Over Near To Public Sewer

Building Over Near To Public Sewer – Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document H

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 If you intend to build over or within 3 metres of an existing sewer in accordance with the Building Regulations 2000 Approved Document H you will need a Building Over Near To Public Sewer Agreement: Initial discussions about the application and condition of the sewer and impact of the foundations on it are pivotal to building over or near to a sewer.

Our technical skill and experience allows us to design and present the case for building over as well as possible. Problems at application & design stage will obviously effect the way that the application is viewed, negatively affecting the local engineers decisions. We have regular successes in failed schemes and have overseen the building over of trunk sewers on many many occasions.

Building over a public sewer is controlled by Requirement H4 of The Building Regulations.

Anyone proposing to carry out the construction, extension or underpinning of a building has a duty to check to see if a public sewer or disposal main is located at or near to the proposed location.

Water Authority will check if there is any public sewer recorded to be effected by easement or covenants affecting the pipe and to see if the pipe is suspected of being in their minds in “poor” condition. It would appear that there are a lot of “poor” sewers in the UK. We use our knowledge of the Water Industry Act to dissuade the Water Authority from using this clause to thwart your development.

Our general deliverable items

1. To organise & design a submission in order to obtain written consent from Water Authority allowing build over of the particular sewer including:

A drawing showing the location of the sewer relative to the existing property and proposed work.

A drawing showing the cross-sectional foundation plan.

A copy of the drawings submitted for Building Regulations approval.

The size of the sewer being built over.

2. To facilitate all necessary works to enable the surveys and other visits necessary to secure the statutory agreements and approvals.

3. Provide your legal company/solicitor with all required information to complete paperwork to enabling completion of your legal agreement.

Building Over Near To Public Sewer

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