Drainage Design & Application Fees

Drainage – Sewerage Design Fees

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Regarding  Drainage Designs & Applications Services First Limited offer a comprehensive service on the following: Wastewater – Building Over Sewer – Trunk Sewer – Sewer Adoption – Local Sewer Connection – Foul Sewer Connection – Combined Sewer – Sewer Diversion – Sewer Divestment – Main Sewer Connection –  New Water Connections – Sewer Requisition – SuDs.

We design submit and follow to completion deal with all queries and organise all site meeting with the local water authorities.

Occasionally do not charge any fees if we are not successful in delivering savings or provide you with a beneficial agreement i.e. adoption or statutory agreement. You only pay for the surveys and applications that are undertaken and submitted, our fee is paid only after the consent is issued.
We specialise in rationalising schemes that are becoming expensive because of such items as online storage and land take up, our design team will redesign giving you the cheapest solution. we also fully implement the particular authority adoptable standards which in the long term again saves our clients time and money not only in construction but also long term maintenance.

For technical vetting there is no charge if we do not save you money then you pay us nothing! All that you pay if we are successful in saving you money is a percentage of the savings we make for you on the scheme. We charge normally 20 percent of all savings we enable on a project, alternatively we save you 80 percent!!

Drainage – Sewerage Design Fees

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