Water Connection Foul Clean

Water Connection Foul Clean

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Water Connection Foul Clean: We offer a a developer/home owner assistance in order to make a new connection to the public sewer.

The owner of a building has a lawful right to have that building – or its drain or sewer – a public sewer for domestic sewerage purposes. This right is given and controlled by Sections 106 to 109 inclusive of the Water Industry Act 1991.

Section 106 of The Water Industry Act 1991 requires anyone intending to make a connection to a public sewer to give 21 days notice. Once approved, they generally allow the applicant to make the connection with our inspector monitoring the work to ensure that it is done to the required standard.

There are two levels of charges for sewer connections dependent on whether the connection is in public highway or private land.

The applicant arranges for their contractor to make the connection. All costs involved fall to the applicant. We recommend that a suitably qualified and experienced contractor is used.

Connections of highway drainage/road gullies are to be treated as connections in private land as these pipes cannot be adopted by the Water Authority.

When a property is connected to the public sewer network for the first time, a sewerage infrastructure charge is payable. This is usually collected at the same time as the charges for any new water supply to the property.

Foul water shall not be disposed of to a surface water sewer and surface water should generally not be discharged to a foul or combined sewer.

If the work involves excavations in the public highway (including footways and grass verges) We will obtain consent from the Highway Authority (Local or County Council). The Highway Authority will require you to use an approved or certified contractor in accordance with the New Road and Street Works Act 1991

We will ensure that all sewer connections properly designed connections and shall be inspected and approved by the Water Authorities inspector before any additional pipes are laid or before concreting or back-filling.

Water Authorities have the power, under Section 106 of the Water Industry Act 1991 to refuse to permit a connection to a public sewer that appears to be prejudicial to the public sewer network in terms of the:

Mode of construction of the connection, or Condition of the drain or sewer

We are very successful in negotiation regarding these issues and have had many failed schemes approved after input from us.

Water Connection Foul Clean

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