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Mains Self Lay

The connections market includes all new connections to the water and/or sewerage network for both household and non-household purposes. We use the terms new connections here to describe where a customer requires either or both – Access to the existing public water supply or sewerage system by means of a service pipe or lateral drain and/or a new water main or new public sewer.

If you need a new connection then you have a choice about who provides it.

Local monopoly water company – your local monopoly water company has a duty to respond to requests for new connections for domestic purposes and we have powers to consider disputes about their charges;

Accredited self-lay provider (often called a self-lay organisation, SLO) – if you choose an accredited SLO to provide your new water supply connection then you will have to agree terms and conditions with the SLO; or

New appointee – you may already be served by a new appointee. If this is the case, then the new appointee is your local monopoly water company. If you are not already served by a new appointee, but wish to choose a new appointee to provide your new connection, then that new appointee would have to provide the new connection via the NAV process.

This section provides further information about:

New water supply connections – this section explains the process for getting a new water supply connection and what to do if you experience any problems.

Self-lay – if you’ve decided to self-lay, this section explains the process and what happens next.

Requisitioning – this section explains how you can ask your water or sewerage company to install pipework for a new water main or sewer.

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